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The cities of Salt Lake County have teamed up to offer you a Christmas lights tour like never before. From the bridal veil to Stewart Falls, the Utah Valley has more lights than you can touch with a walking stick. This loop offers 360-degree views of the city of Orem and the entire Utah River Valley. The gorge also features two of Utah's most famous waterfalls: Provo Falls (dumped into the provo River) and St. George Falls.

A canopy zip line in Provo Canyon will take you through the tranquil landscape of the valley at breathtaking speed. Enjoy hikes to the waterfalls created by the outflow of glaciers on Mount Timpanogos.

If you exit I-15 at Payson at Exit 254 and get to the trailhead, you can turn right onto Timpooneke Trail, which can be seen from the parking lot at the intersection of Interstate 15 and Interstate 10.

Although the entrance to the temple is restricted to practicing Mormons, visitors can still explore the 17-acre site. Orem also houses 17 other parks, including the Salt Lake City Park and Recreation Center, Utah State Park and Zion National Park.

Children of all ages can take part in a variety of activities on the outdoor playgrounds of the park and the Orem leisure centre. Indoor and outdoor activities include swimming, cycling, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, snowshoeing and snowmobiling, as well as other activities for children.

In Great Lake State Park, you can hike to Antelope Island and see the animals that call the area home. Live animals from all over the world are easy to get close to, and at Great Lakes State Park you'll see them in the wild.

Today, a three-hour tour from the Heber Depot leads to Provo Canyon, where travelers can explore the region with limited travel time and parking.

Only a few minutes away is the UVU event centre, where numerous events take place. In Orem, Utah, visitors can go shopping at the University Mall, attend the Utah State Fair, the annual Utah Jazz Festival, and attend a Utah Valley University football or basketball game. There are several restaurants and bars in the city as well as a variety of shops and restaurants on campus.

Provo Canyon hosts the Utah State Fair and the annual Utah Jazz Festival, as well as a variety of shops, theaters, restaurants and plays. Orem is home to a number of shopping, theater, restaurants and theater venues, including the Salt Lake City Opera House.

There is no shortage of child-friendly activities, and the canyon hosts a variety of recreational activities and attractions, including the Utah State Fair, the annual Utah Jazz Festival and other events. Families looking for something smaller can visit the various Utah Valley Splash Parks, all easily accessible and offering a wide range of amenities including water parks, playgrounds and water slides.

If you're feeling comfortable swimming with your child and friends, make sure you visit the Utah Valley Aquatic Center, which is just a short walk from the park. The Visitor Centre offers a variety of activities for children and adults to learn about the history of the gorge and its history, as well as a wide range of exhibits. It has unique art and has fun activities that children can perform while working through the exhibits such as water slides and water slides.

The Ski Museum is small, but it is full of information about why skiing here is such a big deal, such as the history of skiing in Utah and its history as a ski resort.

Seven Peaks Water Park is the largest in Utah and offers a variety of water sports including kayaking, canoeing, swimming and water skiing. Residents of Covington Senior Living in Orem enjoy a wide range of activities located between the park, restaurant and church. The valley is home to a clean and well-maintained recreation center, which offers hiking trails, climbing, cycling, snowshoeing and other outdoor activities. With an extensive range of engaging activities for adults and children, Lake Ridge Senior Living provides seniors with all the tools they need to enjoy an active lifestyle while they age in place.

Canyon Breeze Senior Living is a senior living community that offers a variety of options for seniors, from assisted living to senior residences to a full-service health center.

On one side rises Mount Timpanogo, on the other the beautiful shore of Utah Lake spreads out. The views of Heber Valley and Provo Canyon are spectacular, as you can see the mountain range, Utah River and even the valley floor. It has been cut off over time by the glaciers of the River Provo and consists of colourful rock formations with the high peak of Tim Panpogos as a background. Spend a day fishing in the Provo River or hiking up the mountain Tim Panoplyos and explore TimPanogo's cave.

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