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The gastronomic options are not as varied as in the surrounding cities, but in Orem you will find a hearty selection of American and international cuisine. If you're looking for something new to go out or try something new for the weekend, here are some of the little-known Utah County restaurants that offer a unique dining experience. No list of the best food you can find in and around Utah County would be complete without the Tree Room Foundry Grill at Sundance Mountain Resort. This upscale restaurant offers a setting and beautiful mountain scenery that goes with the hearty dishes of the American, international and international cuisine around the Oreg.

Other types of cuisine in Orem include local cuisine as well as some of the more exotic dishes from other parts of Utah County.

You can find Apollo Burgers (apolloburger.com), which also serves a wide selection of Greek sandwiches. Lunch at Guru's Cafe with a wide selection of sandwiches, salads and even a vegetarian option is also possible. If that's not enough, you should go to Yummy BBQ & Sushi, where you can also grill your own Korean grill.

To make the perfect lunch even better, order a plate of sweet potato fries with side dish and enjoy something from the vegan and vegetarian menu. To make an authentic Mexican in Provo accessible to everyone, enjoy a plate of appetizer highlights and order rancheritos. Don't forget to order the sweet fried plantains, paired with refried beans and cream. Enjoy something vegan or vegetarian on the menu or even order it all together, if possible.

If you're looking for plenty of food, the Golden Corral is the perfect place for a quick lunch or dinner with a good selection of appetizers and side dishes. Orem doesn't match the ethnic cuisine of Provo and Salt Lake, but it still packs a variety of styles into its restaurants. The Black Sheep has a creative touch of Navajo cuisine and the quality food is not overbearing. The GoldenCorral has an extensive selection of starters, side dishes and desserts, which is a great choice for those who don't fancy quality food.

This restaurant is the perfect place for a quick lunch or dinner with a good selection of starters, side dishes and desserts, as well as the best BBQ you'll ever have to grill.

Chicken waffles are definitely one of the most popular dishes on the menu, and for good reason. There's nothing I love more as a female foodie than a delicious, juicy burger, but my list of the best restaurants in Provo is incomplete, without mentioning Chom Burger. The hang-glider burger and rosemary and pepper fries are all but consumed and the fried salmon chips melt in your mouth. The communal restaurant is the perfect place for a quick lunch or dinner with a good selection of starters, side dishes and desserts, as well as the best BBQ you can eat.

The café offers a unique Indian drink based on the most popular modern southern food of all time, including chicken, pork ribs, chicken wings and chicken and waffles, to name a few. Other authentic options include a whole box filled with dulce de leche desserts. Kohinoor serves its fast food façade with a wide selection of traditional and modern dishes as well as some of the best grilled dishes in Provo.

With this coupon, you can save up to 48% for 2-4 people and save $48 on your first order of food at Kohinoor with a coupon code of $5 for your next meal at the restaurant.

Card members also receive special discounts and discounts on Kohinoor's live music and entertainment events, as well as on other special events and events at the restaurant.

The West Bank kitchen gets $30 worth of food for $20, or pays $40 or $50 for a $70 voucher. For $10, you get $15 worth of Vietnamese food in the West Bank kitchen, and you have to pay 20% of it. Pay $12 for up to $60, $25 for 50% of the $100 coupon, for example: $5 for 20 + $1,000, pay $80 for 40 + $1,500, 20 - $2,200 for 60 - 100%, 40 - 50 $3,300 for 70% coupons, etc.

If you crave Chinese food, don't waste your time in a place where more MSG is in the food than in the food itself. I recommend sharing a few plates with a friend to enjoy everything that the menu has to offer. Start with the queso fundido and treat yourself to one of the shakes (preferably chocolate), but I recommend a large plate of chicken, pork, beef or pork ribs.

There are a lot of dessert variations in the Provo / Utah County area, but my favorites are the sundaes, chocolate cookies and chocolate cake. See some of the best desserts in Orem, Salt Lake City and beyond at the end of this guide. The most satisfying dessert you can enjoy in Utah County comes from this store, which delivers a warm 6 ounces.

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