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Days Inn Hotel is located near 15% of BYU and offers a variety of amenities including a pool, spa, fitness center and spa facilities. Check out Comfort Inn Suites in Orem for a wide selection of hotels, restaurants, bars and entertainment.

Make use of the well-equipped fitness centre and spa facilities at the Comfort Inn Suites in Orem. This hotel offers a variety of amenities including a swimming pool, spa, fitness center and gym.

Explore Timpanogos Cave, pack a picnic at Harrison Arboretum, hike to Mt. Tim Panagos, spend a day fishing the Provo River and enjoy great skiing at Sundance Ski Resort. Visit the Utah Museum of Natural History in Orem and walk through the museum to see some of the science museum's interactive exhibits.

If Utah County summer is not as popular as winter, you can book a hotel in summer by booking a place. With the amount of tourists, hotel prices are more competitive and attract everyone - seasonal travellers - so you could get a bargain. Whatever the reason for your trip, make sure you book the right hotel that you absolutely must visit - see Destination.

Staying at a hotel for a long period of time helps you balance your working life with the comfort and flexibility you need, just as you would if you were to choose one of the many Utah County hotels, or even in the United States. The rooms are well equipped and equipped with everything you need for a comfortable stay, including bed, shower, bath, linen, toiletries and even a shower stall.

Conveniently located with easy access to I-15, TownePlace Suites Orem Marriott offers a convenient location. Only a few minutes away is the UVU event centre, where numerous events take place. Best of all, there are some important events that are worth a visit near Salt Lake City. Major events in June and August include the Utah State Fair, the US Olympic Games and the Rio de Janeiro Summer Olympics.

If you are not the outdoor type, visit some of the attractions in the area or find a hotel with an indoor pool. In Orem, Utah, visitors can shop on the University Mall and attend events such as the Utah State Fair, the US Olympic Games and the Salt Lake City Summer Olympics. In the city there are many restaurants and bars as well as a variety of shops and restaurants, and there are a large number of hotels and hotels with indoor and outdoor pools.

There are many hotels for business travelers who require additional amenities such as a spa, fitness center and even a fitness center.

The best time to visit Orem is in September and October, when the children are back at school and the winter sports fans have not yet descended to the area. However, nature and business people are expected to draw people to Windsor at weekends, so expect tourists to vie for the cheapest hotels. Other benefits include access to a full-service spa, fitness centre and even a gym. The hotel features an outdoor pool, a pool house and a spa with hot tub and sauna, as well as an indoor pool.

Utah is best known for skiing, but snowboarding, sledding and hiking are also possible in winter. Summer is the best time of year to experience the beautiful landscape of Orem, Utah, with its mountains, lakes and rivers. Temperatures range from the 80s to the 90s and provide a great opportunity for outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing and snowshoeing.

There are over 70 restaurants within 3 km of the hotel and it is just minutes away from major businesses. The convenient location off Interstate 15 makes it a perfect place to shop and eat, giving you access to the area's top attractions, including the Salt Lake City Convention Center, Utah State University and the Utah Museum of Natural History.

Miller added: "That's why we're fighting so hard for this industry because it's a less stressful industry for our infrastructure, our internal staff and our services, and it's a whole new revenue stream. Miller said the money is called "clean dollars" because the city needs to provide services to guests, but not to the extent residents do.

The Wyndham Provo at BYU - Orem is located on the west side of Utah Lake, south of the BYU campus and north of Brigham Young University. On one side rises Mount Timpanogo, and on the other the beautiful shore of Utah Lake spreads out.

The area, now known as Orem, was originally called Sharon because of its large Mormon population, but it was renamed after the first president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Joseph Smith, in 1845.

White, who has recorded 25 games with double-digit scores, including the last ten games, has a season-high 23 points and connected with 10-of-15 shots from the field and four-of-10 from three-point range. White scored in the first half of arguably the most important game of his career, the win over Utah State.

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