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Provo Beach is one of the summer hotspots to visit if you've ever hit the beach, and there's no better time to enjoy Utah Lake than now. There's nothing better than getting off at Provo Beach, Utah, just a few miles north of Salt Lake City, and soaking up some sun and sand.

From the bridal veil to Stewart Falls, Utah Valley has a stick to shake. People can navigate a corn maze, pick their own pumpkins, brave a haunted house, go ghost hunting, and even pickle pickles for a Halloween adventure. The Provo corn maze also has Halloween-themed ziplines, haunted houses, a pumpkin patch and more.

The canopy zip line in Provo Canyon will take you through the tranquil landscape of the valley at breathtaking speed. The Kid's Place area includes a climbing wall, climbing structures and even a zip line for children and adults. This playground has a variety of slides, a playground, an obstacle course, play equipment, play areas, picnic tables, food trucks, games, water, snacks, toys or even the zip line, which children can use at will.

Hiking from summit to summit is a safe way to show your friends how hard you really are. In the creative art studio you can try your hand at watercolour and oil painting, and in Color Me Mine you can paint Van Gogh on a mug or plate. If you haven't seen the breathtaking views of Provo Canyon and the mountains above, grab your sneakers and go for a walk.

The Pumpkin Parade is a spectacle - free event for people of all ages, and the event starts at 9 am. Activities include pumpkin carving, pumpkin painting, pumpkins, handicrafts and more. A local organisation is raising money for wheelchairs with a lemonade stand and a fundraising page, but it's not just about taste. Celebrate, "visit the first annual Orem Pumpkin Festival, a celebration of pumpkin spice and pumpkin pie dishes.

The lagoon shows its dark side with a Halloween theme area and a variety of attractions around the theme of Halloween. The Witches "Festival" with live music, costume competitions, a haunted house, pumpkin carving and more.

SCERA also houses the Orem Heritage Museum, which is located in a historic building south of the SCERA centre. The museum has a 2,000-piece collection that tells the history of Orem, including artefacts from the city's early history, such as the Old Town Hall and the Old Town Hall. It will satisfy all your curiosities from May 15th and offers a wide range of exhibits, from historical artefacts and artifacts to art, history and art history.

If you want to entertain a group of different ages and interests, this is the perfect place. These 50 ideas for summer fun bring your children into play and banish "I'm boring" from your family vocabulary.

Soak up the sun - soaked float on the Provo River and become a real Utah Valley - and be in the process. This concert will take place on the parking terrace of Provos Town Square, and this year's performers are also noise. Spend a summer night with your family in this fun, family-friendly summer camp for children and adults. Children will scream when the Big Bucket feature drops several hundred litres of water onto their happy heads.

Creator Derek Jacob says the tour isn't scary, but it brings people together. The fear factory pretends to haunt, and many people believe it really is, says Jason Smith, co-founder of Asylum 49, a haunted house tour. I have pictures of shadows, figures and faces and I have touched the institution 49 Fear Factory, "Smith says. He says he has seen ghosts on tour several times and says he doesn't need to be believed.

He says some workers were dismembered, while others slipped and burned in a vat of boiling water and others were burned.

Castle Chaos has been named one of the country's most visited attractions, according to the travel channel's website and USA Today. Castle Chaos updates its haunted house every year with a new theme, new characters and new horrors. It features three different haunted houses with different degrees of horror, as well as a completely separate haunted corn maze, each with its own story.

Orem also hosts 17 other parks, including Utah State Park, the Salt Lake City Zoo and Grand Canyon National Park. The circuit offers a variety of attractions, such as water slides, roller coasters, water parks and a water park.

The Hale Center Theater in Orem has been holding its annual Festival of Performing Arts for more than 20 years. Musicals and comedies are performed in the theatre, as well as a variety of other events such as concerts and concerts.

The Sundance Resort offers guided horseback riding with several hiking options, including the Great Falls Trail for those looking to catch a glimpse of wildlife. Join the Barbara Barrington Jones Foundation, established by the US Department of Health and the University of Utah, to help young women increase their self-esteem through courses, workshops, and activities led by college counselors.

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