New bus service between Orem and Provo starts Monday

Published 08-11-2018

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PROVO, Utah (AP) - The Utah Transit Authority begins new rapid transit bus service in Utah County on Monday, and it'll be free for riders for the first three years.

The service will link Provo and Orem, including Brigham Young University and Utah Valley University, using 25 new 60-foot-long 18-meter) buses that bend in the middle.

The service's startup is nine months ahead of schedule and officials say some shelters and platforms designed for the new service won't be completed for several months and that riders will use existing platforms in the meantime.

About half of the 10.5-mile (17-kilometer) route will have marked center bus lanes in both directions.

The service is initially free is thanks to a $1.9 million federal grant intended to reduce congestion and improve air quality.

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